The Jim Henson Co. is developing a new animated series for kids, “Imaginocean,” based on the off-Broadway musical by John Tartaglia.

A total of 52 11-minute segments are in the works using Henson Digital Puppetry Studio, which enables digital characters to be puppeteered in real time.

Tartaglia was previously the centerpiece of Disney Channel program “Johnny and the Sprites,” which expanded from its initial five-minute episodes that aired in 2005 to a halfhour program running from 2007-08.

The new project involves an eccentric young fish named Dorsel and will have comedy and musical elements

“John’s humor and music-filled story is a perfect fit for us,” said Jim Henson Co. CEO Lisa Henson, who will exec produce with Halle Stanford for their shingle and with Tartaglia, Jill Shinderman and Michael Shawn Lewis for Jellyfish Jive Prods.