Vet-focused charity Got Your 6 has teamed with Lifetime Television for an event at this year’s Republican National Convention. The two orgs will throw a nonpartisan gala concert featuring Wyclef Jean at the August 29 political confab in Tampa, Fla.

Randy Travis was initially slated to perform at the RNC during the Got Your 6 event, but has since dropped out after a recent DUI arrest. Jean has replaced Travis in the lineup. Willie Nelson was originally expected to appear at the gala, but dropped out as well due to scheduling issues.

Lifetime will work with Got Your 6 under its “Lifetime Television’s Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote.” campaign aimed at encouraging women to vote. The campaign was launched in 1992 and has continued through every presidential election cycle since.

Got Your 6 and Lifetime Television will be teaming for a similar event featuring Flo Rida during the Democratic National Convention on September 5 in Charlotte, N.C.