‘Glee Project’ gets second season

Ryan Murphy on board for new season

The Glee Project” is officially getting a second verse, and Ryan Murphy will be on board for it. Though the reality series had begun casting for season two back in September, only now is the show finally getting the network-approved greenlight.

Murphy and co-producer Dante Di Loreto were the last pieces the net needed to seal the deal, the net says – the former has been hard at work on “American Horror Story,” which recently finished its first season on FX.

The multi-city casting call for “Project” included Gotham, Chicago and Nashville and will include 14 contenders as opposed to season one’s 12. The series is skedded to debut in the summer and will again offer a seven-seg arc on “Glee” to the winner.

To be gin with, the series’ ratings didn’t exactly set the world on fire: ratings started off at a weak 455,000 total viewers and didn’t break 1 million until its final episode. Still, ratings growth on the show had been steady and the show’s season-long average came out to 1.19 million total viewers.