Gaul’s TV ad revenue rose 7% to a record €8.6 billion ($11 billion) in 2011, according to media monitoring company Yacast.

France’s dynamic digital terrestrial TV market, second only to the U.K. in terms of maturity, accounted for the TV sector’s increase in ad spending, according to Francois Lienard, head of Yacast’s advertising monitoring.

“The figures underscore a highly contrasted French TV landscape: while DTT channels have been attracting bigger advertisers and more revenue, the picture is less rosy for older terrestrial channels — particularly TF1 and M6,” Lienard said.

Ad revenue at DTT nets went up 23% to $4.19 billion while ad time rose 1%. Ad revenue at the older channels, notably TF1 and M6, went down 1% to $6.8 billion and ad time fell 4%.

“These channels have been hurt by the economic recession, which has degraded pricing negotiations, as well as the audience fragmentation generated by DTT channels, and the competition with other media such as radio and the Internet,” Lienard said.

Paybox Canal Plus generated more ad coin in 2011: up 8% to $222 million and up 1% in ad time.

American skeins drew the largest ad revenue, with “The Mentalist,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Criminal Minds” and “CSI” leading on TF1.