Fox’s ‘Touch’ spawns digital spinoff

Web series 'Daybreak' launches May 31

Fox series “Touch” is spinning off a shortform series online.

The show’s creator, Tim Kring, has teamed with sponsor AT&T and ad agency BBDO for “Daybreak,” five 10-minute episodes that will begin to unspool May 31, the day “Touch” ends its first season. Fox will promote “Daybreak” during the season finale.

“Daybreak” involves a 12-sided object introduced in the last few episodes of “Touch” called a dodecahedron. The series does not include any of the cast from “Touch.” Ryan Eggold and Sarah Roemer star.

AT&T, which has already been integrated into episodes of “Touch,” will also appear in “Daybreak.” The series will be promoted via print, online and film marketing and be distributed at DayBreak2012.com, in addition to Hulu and IGN, both of which are owned in part by Fox parent company News Corp.

“Daybreak” is directed by Jon Cassar (“24”) and written by Raven Metzner (“Six Degrees”).