Mike Denney, director
“I came out to California in 1975 and started work at CBS as a cameraman. I did a lot of camera at ‘Y&R’ and Ed Scott, the exec producer back then, gave me my shot at directing. My first day I was almost sick to my stomach. I had this restaurant scene that was really hard. It was a lot of people and I remember thinking, “It’s never going to work,” but it did. It turned out better than I hoped. I got through it with a lot of help from other people. They all had my back.”

Josh Griffith, head writer
“I loved the down-and-dirty production of the Clear Springs collapse. We had people trapped inside. We created everything in the studio, and from a production standpoint it was quite spectacular. It was a hugely expensive venture that we shot over the course of four 24-hour days. It was like doing a film. It was a great experience and I think we pulled of visually a pretty exciting week of story.”

Melody Scott Thomas, actress
“The 30-plus years of the Victor-Nikki romance has been quite a gift and very unique. Bill (Bell Sr.) saw something between us that even we didn’t see and sensed some sort of a chemistry. He was absolutely right. That chemistry is what has kept us going. There’s just such a dramatic powerful pull for Victor and Nikki, even when they’re not together. People still enjoy watching us. It’s quite something.”

Doug Davidson, actor
“The most meaningful moment was when Bill committed to my first adult storyline and a lot of things came together. I fell in love with this mystery woman, discovered she is the wife of one of my best clients. He was killed and I was accused of murder. It was a tremendous story. Until then I was the younger leading man, and this was really a departure for me. My daughter was also born around the same time period and the show went to No. 1, so it all came together in one shining moment. I remember saying to myself, ‘Sit back and enjoy because it’s not always going to be like this.’ It was probably my proudest professional moment.”

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