EOne teams for Kubrick-penned projects

Stories of Civil War, bank robber to be produced for TV

Entertainment One has partnered with Emmy-winning producer Steve Lanning and Stanley Kubrick collaborator Philip Hobbs to develop and produce new television projects based on two of Kubrick’s scripts: “Downslope” and “God Fearing Man.”

Civil War epic “Downslope,” based on a true story by historian Shelby Foote and written by Kubrick, follows Confederate Army Col. John S. Mosby and his plan for vengeance against George Custer after the Union general captures and hangs several of Mosby’s men.

“God Fearing Man,” based on a screenplay by Kubrick and adapted for television by British writer Stephen R. Clarke, also tells a true story, about Canadian minister Herbert Emerson Wilson, a notoriously skilled safe-cracker and one of the most successful bank robbers in the U.S. at the turn of the 20th century.

Both projects were signed off by Kubrick’s estate — a process that was expedited by the fact that Hobbs is Kubrick’s son-in-law, according to Pam Wilson of Ink Media Corp.

Wilson also confirmed that, though both programs are “very early in development,” eOne has begun the process of shopping the projects around to broadcasters — but has not yet met with specific networks.