Emmett/Furla Films is making the jump from big screen to small with the launch of a TV production division.

Shingle will kick off its television initiative with the self-financed action-adventure drama “Rescue 3.”

Series centers around an elite rescue task force consisting of lifeguards, firefighters and Coast Guard members from Los Angeles. Each episode will follow a rescue mission involving the sea, land and air services.

Emmett/Furla in conjunction with Envision Entertainment, is financing a full, 22-episode season of “Rescue 3” and is shopping the project to broadcast and cable networks. It’s aiming for a fall 2013 debut.

On the film side Emmett/Furla has been prolific producer of indie pics with more than 70 films to date including “End of Watch,” “The Amityville Horror” and “Rambo.” Last month, Emmett/Furla and Envision announced that they have raised an additional $250 million in equity financing.

“We always knew we’d branch into TV,” said Randall Emmett, who founded the shingle with George Furla. “We applied the same financing strategy principles we learned from making films to TV production, allowing us to greenlight ‘Rescue 3.’ ”

“Rescue 3” was created by Gregory J. Bonann and Tai Collins of Tower 18 Prods. with Bonann set to exec produce. Jim and John Thomas will serve as writers alongside Collins. Bonann was a longtime exec producer of “Baywatch.”