Election night drama on Fox News

Contributor Karl Rove disputes cabler's call on Ohio win for Obama

Immediately after President Obama sealed his re-election, the big drama of Tuesday night unfolded on Fox News.

Karl Rove, Fox News contributor and Republican strategist, refused to believe that Obama had won the crucial state of Ohio, even though Fox News and several others were projecting a narrow win for the president.

Anchors Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly were put in the awkward position of having to give Rove a chance to explain why he believed those calls were incorrect.

At one point, Kelly went backstage to interview the cabler’s research team, asking how they came up with a mathematical equation that handed the state to Obama. Soon after that explanation, Rove was back on camera, disputing the analysis from his own team and said the Republican-leaning suburban counties that hadn’t been counted could still be enough to give Mitt Romney the win.

Twitter ignited during the spontaneous Fox News debate, as users commented on the unusual situation and tried to predict how long Rove would hold out on his assertion.