Between Facebook filing for IPO and the hacker activities of Anonymous, it’s a good time to be Charles Koppelman. The filmmaker has had a documentary crew stationed at Facebook headquarters on and off since May 2011 filming the company’s security team as it protects the social network from cyber-attacks and other invasions for his upcoming docu “Zero Day.”

“The people in the trenches there are very dynamic, there’s some very interesting personal stories,” said Koppelman.

Timely as the documentary could be–no distribution deal yet–it’s kept Koppelman plenty busy. His crew has to race to the company’s Palo Alto digs every time Facebook security team has to contend with a major threat, as it did last month when the notorious Koobface malware wreaked havoc on the social network. And if there’s a hero in the doc, it may be Facebook chief security officer Joe Sullivan, who was previously the first federal prosecutor in a U.S. Attorneys’ office working on high-tech crime cases.

Sorry, you won’t see much of founder Mark Zuckerberg in the doc though; he literally ducked into a mini-kitchen when the camera came his way during filming one day.

A Facebook spokesman confirmed Koppelman’s crew has been granted inside access to the company’s operations. But a documentary on cyber-crime has also taken his cameras all over the globe, and the action they’ve seen has even inspired them to adapt the material into a primetime TV series that they’ve already begun pitching.

“When these stories go outside of Facebook,  and you see what’s basically old-fashioned detective work, you see the possibilities,” said Koppelman. “That’s why it translates to a series as well.”