Comic-Con: “Dexter” says bye to auds, hello to new cast member

By Erin Maxwell

For the seventh and final season of “Dexter,” the stars and creators of the show took the time at Comic-Con to say goodbye to the fans that made their show an international hit.

“I didn’t think anyone would ever put a serial killer on TV and that someone would want to watch it,” said star Jennifer Carpenter. “I thought I was only signing up for the pilot.”

But while the stars said their farewells, they also introducted new cast member Yvonne Strzechowski. to the show. The former star of “Chuck” talked about her transition from the NBC comedy to the hit Showtime drama.

“I can only talk about so much,” she said. “I have never been a guest on any show before. The cast has been very welcoming, but it’s a different energy. The energy on ‘Chuck’ was fun and crazy. I have only spent a few days on the set, so it’s hard to say.”

On the show, she play as woman named Hannah, a lady with a dark past who helps Dexter on an investigation.

For the most part, mum was the word as far as any upcoming plots and possible outcomes.

“I always wanted the final season to be a series of finales, one right after the other,” joked star Michael C. Hall. “Maybe one of them could be a musical episode.”

The cast also chatted about staying with a character for such a long stretch of time and how to keep the character fresh to audiences.

“I needed to keep making him conceivable. To still have authentic human responses to things, but still feel the compulsion to kill people,” said Hall. “He is self serving but still likeable…when you do something this long you know it on a cellular level.”

At the panel, Showtime also announces a “Dexter” art contest for fans, as well as a new series of webisodes about his early years, titled “All in the Family.” SDCC auds are also treated to the first few minutes of the debut episode for season seven.

The final season of “Dexter” airs on Sept. 30.