Cox rolls out mid-price cable tier

Economy package aims to fill cost-conscious niche

Cox Communications, the nation’s third largest cable company, said it’s launching a new Cox TV Economy package for money-conscious consumers that’s in between the pared-down basic and expanded channel offerings, but like basic doesn’t include ESPN and some other networks.

The $35 option is a midpoint between the $20 starter package and circa $60 expanded basic cable.

A spokesman said the new package tested well with consumers and is being rolled out in different markets. While still a far cry from the “a la carte” programming that content companies fear, the move is another sign that consumers are eager for alternatives in difficult economic times and with viewing options multiplying.

The news first came out in a regualtory filing.

Cox, which has 6 million subscribers, will likely continue to promote its higher-tier, higher-cost products more heavily.