More than 20 years after he triumphed at the Oscars with “Dances With Wolves,” Kevin Costner was clearly moved by his win for longform lead actor for the History miniseries “Hatfields and McCoys.”

Costner’s film career has had a bumpy ride since he landed best picture and best director Oscars for his epic 1990 oater. But the success of “Hatfields,” which racked up boffo auds for History in May, has done a lot to bring him back as a star in the eyes of the public and the biz. And Costner’s hardly alone among film stars of a certain age in seeking better opportunities in TV.

“Hollywood works off perception and I know what success means to people who deal with perception,” Costner said backstage after collecting his trophy. “I think the perception is that things are going well for me, so I’ll take it.”

Costner said he hasn’t worked much in the last five years by choice because he has three young children at home. “I’m not certain my children know I’m an actor,” he joked.

In his downtime from the screen, Costner said he’s been devoting a lot of time to writing projects, both TV and film, and he’s eager to get back into “heavy work mode.” That includes acting and directing features and shopping a TV series that he’s been writing for years.

“Writing has completely propped up my whole career,” he said. “I’m a writer-oriented actor.”

Costner made a point of saluting the “creative courage” demonstrated by History topper Nancy Dubuc in backing the multipart mini based on the famous feud of Western lore.