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When “Hot in Cleveland” came her way, Valerie Bertinelli was thrilled for a number of reasons, including the show’s format.

“I wanted to do a multicamera sitcom for so long, but everyone was doing single-camera,” Bertinelli says. “There’s something special about shooting in front of a live audience.”

The show has been well-received by audiences, becoming TV Land’s signature original series.

“No one expected to get a show with legs at this point in our lives,” says co-star Wendie Malick. “We are all just savoring this in a way we didn’t in the past.”

For Bertinelli, “Hot” sparked a desire to do more behind the camera.

“Not all of us can be Betty White, acting until we are 90,” Bertinelli says. “I would like to produce television, and I’m slowly stepping into that corner. I tried to sell a pilot to TV Land and I’m coming up with more ideas.”

In the meantime, she’s keeping busy with other pursuits. Bertinelli has written two books about her life and her weight struggles, and her cookbook, “One Dish at a Time: Delicious Recipes and Stories From My Italian-American Childhood and Beyond,” is scheduled for an October release.

She’s also developed an application to download coupons.

“The older I get, the more ideas I have,” Bertinelli says. “I have a clothing line and dishware. My mind likes to stay active.”

And she would eventually like to step into feature films, an outlet that has thus far eluded her.

“I can see myself as Selena Gomez’s mom,” she says.

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