Cisneros, China net pact for TV content

Docus ease China Central TV's entry into Latin America

On the eve of the NATPE content mart, Venezuela’s Cisneros Group and state broadcaster China Central Television have pacted to exchange documentaries to increase mutual awareness and understanding of their cultures.

CCTV’s Documentary Channel will bow Latin Week, devoted to a selection of docs provided by the Cisneros Group’s global distributor Venevision Intl. In exchange, the Cisneros Group will secure a pan-regional channel to air a collection of docs produced by CCTV throughout Latin America.

Sunday’s agreement reinforces Cisneros’ commitment to the Chinese market as part of its global expansion strategy, while highlighting CCTV’s growing presence in international markets.

The relationship between the two goes back to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing when Cisneros and CCTV agreed to pool resources to distribute TV programming in their respective markets.

NATPE kicks off Monday in Miami.

Cisneros is a privately held media, entertainment, telco and consumer products conglom.

CCTV provides TV across China to its 1.3 billion citizens.