PARIS — Gallic pay TV giant Canal Plus is to shutter its 3D channel after it failed to attract enough subscribers.

The service, which kicked off in June 2010 in time for the Soccer World Cup, will close Jan. 24. It had fewer than 20,000 subscribers.

A Canal Plus spokesperson said that the service had allowed the company to experiment with the technology, but it had also posed a number of challenges, principally “the lack of enthusiasm among subscribers for stereoscopic programs.”

“Most of them started watching a program in 3D, and quickly switched back to 2D.

“3D is more suited to cinema consumption than TV, at least as long as 3D glasses are needed,” the spokesperson said.

Another issue was the low level of sales of 3D TV sets in France, due to their high cost.

Since March, the 3D service has aired a different live sports event and a new feature film each month. Last month, it aired its first 3D documentary, “Makay,” a big-budget expedition into Madagascar’s Makay Valley.

The paybox will continue to air 3D content on its other channels.

“Our priority in terms of investment remains the high-definition service,” the spokesperson said.