Brian Lamb to ankle C-SPAN

CEO helped found the public-affairs cable network

C-SPAN announced Monday that Brian Lamb is stepping down as CEO of the groundbreaking public affairs network he founded in 1978 and has run ever since, giving American’s their first — and only — real time look into how government works.

Co-presidents Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain will become co-CEOs, C-SPAN’s board of directors said, while Lamb assumes the new role of executive chairman. He’ll continue to be engaged in setting the Washington, D.C.-based group’s strategic direction and host his weekly interview show “Q and A.”

Swain has been with C-SPAN since 1982, Kennedy since 1987. They were named co-presidents in 2006.

“Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain are veteran C-SPAN executives with a deep sense of the C-SPAN mission and an eye to the future. Their successful partnership and long experience puts them in an ideal position to guide C-SPAN into its next generation,” said Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt, chairman of the C-SPAN board’s executive committee.

C-SPAN is a non-profit funded by its cable and satellite affiliates that bring its three networks to about 100 million homes. C-SPAN Radio in D.C. is distributed by Sirius XM.

The nets follow sessions of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate and other live, government-related public policy events.

Lamb said he’s been preparing for the transition for several years.

Swain works on programming for the networks and websites, as well as marketing and education outreach efforts. She published “The Supreme Court,” a collection of interviews of Supreme Court justices she and Lamb conducted for C-SPAN’s 2009 documentary series on the high court. Swain has been one of C-SPAN’s on-camera interviewers since arriving at the network as a producer.

Kennedy’s focus is finance, engineering and technology, and affiliate relations. He also oversees the management of C-SPAN’s video library, free digital archives with more than 180,000 hours of C-SPAN programming covering a quarter century.