BBC Worldwide Prods. is creating a new label, Adjacent Prods., dedicated to projects that are not based upon BBC formats.

The new brand will function alongside but separate from the rapidly growing BBC Worldwide Prods., which in 2012 produced more than 140 hours of original programming — some but not all deriving from BBC-created programming.

“The point,” BBC Worldwide Prods. topper Jane Tranter told Variety, “is to ensure that there is clarity in the work we do out here between the core parts of our business, which is reformatting pieces of BBC international property (for U.S. audiences), and …. the work we are doing that is original IP, programs both in the scripted and unscripted area.

“The name ‘Adjacent’ is specific to the nature of our relationship — side by side — as opposed to something that feels completely separate.”

Upcoming Starz series “Da Vinci’s Demons,” premiering in 2013, will be an Adjacent Prods. product, to be followed by a slate of projects that will be announced throughout the coming year.

Programs remaining with BBC Worldwide Prods. include ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” History’s “Top Gear,” TLC’s “What Not To Wear” and BBC America’s “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course,” along with HBO pilots “Criminal Justice” and “Getting On” and Fox pilot scripts “Gavin & Stacey” and “Linda Green.”

Organizationally, there are no personnel changes tied to the launch. A new logo is being designed.

“To be clear, it’s a branding/labeling issue, rather than anything more structural,” Tranter said. “It allows the growth we’ve had in original IP to be acknowledged and formalized. It’s basically a clarification for the external world of that section of our company.”

Since Tranter came to the U.S. in 2009 to run BBC Worldwide Prods., it has grown from having two shows on the air to more than 20 series in production.