PARIS — Franco-German net Arte has come on board to co-develop two ambitious documentary series.

“A la table de l’histoire” is a 10-part culinary-historical series produced by Daniel Leconte (“Carlos”) at Doc en Stock while “The Adventurers of Modern Art” is a six-parter based on “Carlos’ ” co-scribe Dan Franck’s literary trilogy, “Bohemes,” “Libertad” and “Minuit.”

“Table” follows French historian Marion Godfroy-Tayart De Borms and The Ritz Paris’ chef Michel Roth as they revisit historical food milestones. These range from President Barack Obama’s inaugural meal to the 1867 16-course Three Emperors’ Dinner, ordered by King William I of Prussia for his guests Tsar Alexander II of Russia and Prince Otto von Bismarck.

Each half-hour episode will turn on Roth as he prepares the special meals served on each occasion, while de Borms comments on the iconography of events, said Doc en Stock Elodie Polo-Ackermann.

Helmed by Philippe Allante, “Table” is based on the eponymous book co-written by De Borms and Xavier Dectot, published in 2011.

“The Adventurers of Modern Art,” produced by Judith Nora, Elisa Larriere and Priscilla Bertin at Silex Films, is a $3.9 million series chronicling the lives of painters, writers and thinkers such as Guillaume Apollinaire, Pablo Picasso and Albert Camus.

Delivery is expected during the second quarter of 2013.