Viral fruit phenom “Annoying Orange” had a strong skein entrance on Cartoon Network Monday night, landing the top telecast for its 8:30 p.m. timeslot among children ages 6-11, 2-11 and 9-14.

New series also was No. 1 in its time period among all boys, and the top telecast of the day among boys ages 6-11. Overall, the bow racked in 2.6 million viewers.

The kids skein is based on the hit YouTube web series, “The Annoying Orange,” which has amassed over a billion views and almost 2.5 million subscribers since its launch in 2009. It currently holds title of most watched web series of all time and will continue to produce new webisodes along with the TV series.

The series features guest voices by Michael Clarke Duncan, Jeffrey Tambor and Tony Hawk, among others and has been developed and produced by The Collective.

Michael Green, CEO at The Collective, told Variety that “Annoying Orange” is an example of profiting from a “built-in audience.” “It’s the concept that there are great properties being created and audiences existing online,” said Green. “We delivered millions and millions of fans to Cartoon Network [from YouTube]…It’s just like adapting a bestselling book or movie.”