Peter Roth President, Warner Bros. Television
“In the early years of ‘ER,’ when we getting 40 shares and the show was a bullet, John was a calming force in not letting the train get away from us. He is a great multitasker and is like a duck on a pond. It seems like he’s gliding, but his feet underneath the water are really working. … He has allowed me to do what I do, and his great collaboration and delegation skills have filtered down to all of us.”

* * *

Bradley Whitford Actor
“John enjoys the process of writing. He’ll often complain, ‘I just want to write,’ and then will have to spend his whole day with lawyers and agents. A real joy is watching him in a writers room. He’s like a masterful editor at the New Yorker. … He cares about every aspect of production. This guy owns half of Hawaii, but he’s got to know the status of the second and third draft of a script.”

* * *

Christopher Chulack Producer-director
“What I find most appealing about him is his leadership qualities. He can galvanize a large and disparate group and gather them in a task at hand. He is, without question, one of the best producers I’ve ever worked with. He’s the most organized, with a mind that has both left and right brain ability that is extraordinary. … He remains one of most important tentpole players in the industry.”

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