AMC is developing a new drama from “The Walking Dead” exec producer Robert Kirkman, with “Dexter” vet Chic Eglee tapped as the potential showrunner.

“Thief of Thieves” is based on a comic of the same name, created by Kirkman, that debuted in February. “Walking Dead” exec producer David Alpert will also exec produce the project.

Central to the story is master thief Conrad Paulson, whose addiction to the thrill of stealing threatens to undermine his attempt to reconcile with his estranged wife and son. He vows to swipe only things that have already been stolen.

“Much like ‘The Walking Dead’ brought horror to television in a unique and groundbreaking way, I feel ‘Thief of Thieves’ can do the same thing for heist stories, showing the humanity of all the characters, including the criminals,” said Kirkman, who created “The Walking Dead” comic in 2003 and still writes each issue.

Kirkman said the development of “Thieves” has been inspired by writer’s room experiences during production of “Walking Dead.” He has a “head writer” in charge of each arc of “Thieves.”