After eight seasons and more than 240 episodes, “Dog the Bounty Hunter’s” watch is coming to an end on A&E.

A rep for the cabler confirmed it has opted not to order additional segs of the series, which revolves around the bounty hunting businesses run by Duane “Dog” Chapman and his extended family in Hawaii and Colorado. The show’s last few original segs will preem next month, A&E said.

“Dog” blossomed into a series for A&E in 2004, after Chapman was featured in a 2003 segment of the A&E series, “Take This Job,” about people with unusual occupations.

“Dog” was among the first home-grown hits that A&E fielded as the cabler transitioned away from his traditional focus on artsy programming and the “Biography” series that was once a channel staple. Its success helped point A&E in the direction of unscripted skeins focusing on larger-than-life characters and law enforcement fare.

The show’s colorful regulars include some of Chapman’s adult children, Leland, Duane Lee and Lyssa, and his wife, Beth, known for running down fugitives in stiletto heels. One of the show’s signatures has been the tough-love and spiritual pep talks delivered by various family members before they hand prisoners over to authorities.