Even before “The New Normal” aired a single episode, the NBC sitcom found itself in some controversy with a Salt Lake City affiliate and conservative watchdog groups.

Georgia King, who plays single-mom surrogate Goldie, wasn’t surprised by the reaction, but encouraged naysayers to, you know, watch the show first.

“What struck me when I read the script was how much humanity is in it,” says King, who grew up outside Dublin. “It’s a wonderful feeling to represent a real gay couple and a real single mother. It’s lovely not to be patronizing.”

The show’s co-creators Ryan Murphy and Allison Adler are no strangers to provocation. Their work on “Glee” has sparked as many discussions as it’s sold albums.

King relishes the opportunity to do not only an American comedy show, but one from such established writers who aren’t afraid to tackle delicate issues.

King’s career started on a completely different foot, however. She appeared in a string of very serious period dramas.

“I look great in a bonnet,” she says laughing.

Her first film role was “Wild Child,” in which she played the “crazy, harsh, visceral and mental” head of a boarding school who winds up burning it down. It was unlike anything she had ever done, and from that point was bitten by the comedy bug.

For “The New Normal” — a blend of King’s comic desires and fragile drama — Murphy actually wrote the part of Goldie for someone else. However, “I brought some vulnerability to the role he hadn’t seen in anyone else,” she says.