Amell aims high with ‘Arrow’

TV's Top 10: New Faces for Fall - Stephen Amell

The Los Angeles Kings are good for a lot more than bringing a Stanley Cup to the city every 45 years. Turns out actors can network at their games, too.

Stephen Amell attended one at Staples Center with his brother and fellow actor, Robbie, on a Saturday night a couple of weeks before the unofficial start of pilot season.

“He asked me if I was going in for ‘Arrow,’ ” Stephen Amell says. “I said, ‘I don’t know what that is.’ He said, ‘Normally when I read a pilot, I picture me. This time, I pictured you.’ ”

After a whirlwind audition process, Amell snagged the lead in the new CW action-adventure series, “Arrow.”

He plays Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who is shipwrecked and goes missing for five years. When he is rescued and returns to civilization, he decides to atone for past misdeeds and commits to fighting for justice.

And, get this, he’s just a regular guy. Or more specifically, he has no superpowers.

“In terms of it being different than playing Superman, Thor or anybody with a ton of superpowers, I think there’s a vulnerability there and a real sense of danger dealing with a human being,” Amell says. “I think that’s what people will respond to. He’s just a dude.”

Amell has dined on a steady diet of TV work over the past several years, including recurring roles on series such as “Hung,” “Private Practice” and “Heartland.”

Now as a character with comicbook qualities, he’s bracing for the potential geek onslaught with a smile.

“I think that’s the easiest part of my job,” he says. “The idea that people will be passionate about the show is really an invigorating idea for me.”