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Paneling for gold. . .

Road to the Emmys 2012: Preview

The insights and laugh lines were flying at the Variety Studio Emmy panels May 30-31. Video will be available at variety.com/emmycentral beginning June 11. Here’s a sampling:

“Best supporting actor — I think it’s a bullshit category. … Like Jeremy Piven has won a bunch of times, who I respect the shit out of. Great actor, did a great job on that show, big time. But I wouldn’t call him the best supporting actor. Who the fuck’s he supporting? He’s not supporting anybody. It’s Jeremy, doing the tap dance. I would call it ‘best guy who’s not the lead.’ ” — Jeff Garlin

“I think it would be healthier if I avoided (directing). I learned in my theater days that I’m the kind of director who (wants) to play all the parts, play it the way I would. A big ego comes up in me, and it’s better if I remain a humble tradesman and actor.” — Michael Emerson

“(Young girls) don’t all dress up as Gilda Radner for Halloween. They dress up as princesses, unless it was me, and then I dressed up as Gilda Radner.” — Maya Rudolph

“When you have (intense) scenes, you feel it all day long — in the rigidity of your body and the emotions in your heart, and I’m so relieved when it’s over. It’s like the last day of school: ‘I did it! I’m done!’ ” — Christina Hendricks

“The show plays in places four times a day. People do feel very close to you. They feel like it’s OK to poke you.” — Jon Cryer

“Make sure you get good gifts for the writers. That’s my comedy advice. Cozy up to the writers and make sure they’re writing good stuff for you.” — Patricia Heaton

“You’re asking me if I’m worried about being typecast?” — Fran Drescher

“This is going to sound … something, but it was a real pleasure to lie in bed for an entire season.” — Billy Campbell