One of this season’s breakout comedy hits, “2 Broke Girls” can be crass and dirty, but it does have heart.

That warmth is clearly shown in the relationship between the femmes: Caroline, a poor little rich girl from the Upper East Side and the other, Max, a richly sarcastic poor girl from Brooklyn.

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs play a modern odd couple who work together at a shoddy diner and live together in a shoddier apartment. The series kicked off with Dennings’ Max reluctantly taking in Behr’s Caroline after Caroline’s father loses it all when his Ponzi scheme goes wrong. By the end of the season, the two are peas in a pod.

“With every episode Max and Caroline get closer and with every episode Beth and I get closer,” says Dennings, whom exec producer Michael Patrick King specifically sought out for the part. “That makes all the times I have to look at her like she’s a complete idiot that much more fun to play.”

“From the moment we first read together, we definitely connected,” says Behrs. “We’re going through this whole experience together and we’re the only two who understand the line load and how physically taxing this can be. We’ve evolved in the same way that Max and Caroline have.”

Both Dennings and Behrs uniquely relate to their characters.

“I love Max,” says Dennings. “I’ve always thought of her as the voice in my head that I try to suppress for society’s sake.”

“Most blondes in sitcoms are either bitchy or dumb and Caroline is neither of those things,” says Behrs. “She’s kind and incredibly intelligent. As the year went on, we saw her drop the Upper East Side stuff and adopt more of a gangsta attitude. That’s all been so much fun to play.”