It’s a very rare book signing that not only brings out Sumner Redstone but inspires him to take the mic and give a speech.

Monday night at WeHo’s Soho House, the media magnate spoke of “two geniuses,” the evening’s host, Robert Evans, who gave the world “The Godfather” and “Chinatown,” and author of the hour, Dr. David Agus, whom Redstone thanked for his “miracle recovery.”

Evans called it “the best Valentine’s Eve Party in my life. I’m talking about the greatest wealth of all: our health,” and went on to credit Dr. Agus’ team with having “discovered new methods to stamp out plagues that affect us all.”

As for the doctor’s book, “The End of Illness” (Simon & Schuster), Evans said the title “is not hyperbole. It’s the real thing.”

Dr. Agus revealed that the tome had originally been called “What Is Health?” but the late Steve Jobs talked him out of it, saying that title “made it feel like you’re chewing cardboard.”

Regarding mastication, Dr. Agus told the starry gathering, among other things, to take aspirin and avoid vitamins.

Those listening to his advice included Les Moonves, Brad Grey, Joan Collins, Tom Sherak, Variety’s Peter Bart, Brett Ratner (who tried to help Evans with the mic but was shooed away) and another Dr. Agus true believer, Lance Armstrong.