Colonna: Latenight scribe shares ‘Life’ lessons

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Sarah Colonna may be most familiar as a writer and sidekick regular on “Chelsea Lately,” but the stalwart comedienne is now blowing up big herself thanks in part to a well-received book tour for her successful and provoc-atively titled autobiographical novel, “Life as I Blow It.”

“People go, ‘OMG, that’s so dirty,’ and I have to explain, no, it’s a play on ‘life as I know it’ and how you blow opportunities. It’s not a secret novel about me being a prostitute for 15 years,” she says.

Colonna’s background is interesting enough as it is: Born in Germany and raised in Arkansas, she says, “Comedy’s in my blood. My great-great uncle was Jerry Colonna, and I always told my mom as a kid I’d be a comedienne and actress.”

Her story-based style tackles all the big issues, from dating to family. Growing up in the South and then living in L.A. has given her “two very different perspectives, which I bring to my standup,” says Colonna. “Writing for Chelsea is a great job, but it’s nice to then go off and write my own material and develop my own voice.”

The book, which debuted at No. 5 on the New York Times bestseller list, proves that Colonna has established her own following, leading to other opportunities beyond “Chelsea Lately.” She’s already working on another book and has a deal with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison shingle to develop “Life as I Blow It” as a half-hour sitcom.

“They really got it,” she says, excitedly. “They don’t even want to change the title.”

P.O.V.: “By the end of my book tour, I was so sick of myself. But after I took June off, I was going nuts.”
Influences: Ellen, Dave Attell
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