For “Game of Thrones” staff scribe Vanessa Taylor, Hollywood has proved to be a game of mentors, an effort to find “someone willing to tap you on the shoulder and give you a chance.”

Her tappers included Rob Thomas (who had her script a “Cupid” episode) and Greg Berlanti, who gave her co-creator credit on “Jack & Bobby.”

A thick skin developed in academic workshops and her experience as a Groundlings performer helped.

“It’s good training for the writers room,” she says. “You have to be able to take criticism and not fold up in tears.”

This particular “TV scribe to watch” may be best watched at the multiplex once her spec script “Hope Springs” preems in August under the aegis of helmer David Frankel and Meryl Streep.

But for now she’s content to “play the sister” to the hairy-chested scribes of “Thrones,” where she tries “to bring a different perspective to some of the female characters.”

The entire staff enjoys endeavoring to expand on George R. R. Martin’s epic tomes even while ruthlessly whittling down dialogue and plot.

“I was interested in hearing Cersei talk about her feelings about who her son, King Joffrey, has turned out to be,” she says. “As a mother, how would you feel if your offspring had become something you could recognize as beyond the pale? The tragedy of feeling this child is lost to you?”

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