‘Silver’ screening

Weinstein Co.'s 'Playbook' preems in Gotham

Guests at the Monday preem of the Weinstein Co.’s “Silver Linings Playbook” in Gotham couldn’t wait to share their classified, bizarre and rockstar tricks to shake the blues away.

“I jump on either my Ducati or Thruxton motorcycle,” said star Bradley Cooper. “Speed is a good cure.”

Pic’s Brea Bee enjoys a less daring approach. “I dive head first into a gallon of chocolate chip Haagen Daz,” said Bee, drawing a thumbs up from passing guests Howard Stern and wife Beth Ostrosky on the Ziegfeld’s red carpet.

Co-star Chris Tucker scoffed at the notion of turning to Zoloft or Jack Daniels for assistance.

“Just put on some upbeat, timeless music like Michael Jackson or Stevie Wonder,” offered Tucker.

And that’s just what was booming from the speakers at the lush Royalton Hotel afterparty. It was there that director David O. Russell got emotional when chatting about cloudy days.

“Depression and anxiety are horrible things,” he said. “When I’m upset, I focus on helping someone else in trouble out. It’s crazy, but I end up healing myself as well.”