Showtime parties into the New Year

'Lies' preem party takes place at AT&T Center

According to Don Cheadle, there are some pretty wild on-set stories to be told about his new Showtime series “House of Lies.”

“It was blank-ing blank’s blank with their blank. I couldn’t believe it!” he revealed at Wednesday’s AT&T Center preem party in downtown L.A.

Exec producer Matthew Carnahan, accompanied by Helen Hunt, was slightly less cryptic about the ensemble’s naughty off-camera play, alluding to one joke that involved “a sexual novelty aid.”

Joining the party were Michael C. Hall and James Remar of “Dexter” and Morena Baccarin of “Homeland.”

“It feels like it’s a fun club right now,” Showtime’s David Nevins said of the cable community. “It makes for good parties, if nothing else.”

That Showtime party reconvened the following night at Levi’s Haus for the season two preem of “Shameless.”

Tucked away in a bungalow just off Sunset Boulevard, Levi’s Haus is part exclusive showroom and part Levi’s museum. “Is this someone’s home?” pondered William H. Macy as he stepped through the front door, stopping for a moment to take in a large picture of Kurt Cobain crowdsurfing with his guitar. Macy went on to say, “I had no idea I would love ‘Shameless’ this much. I love my trailer. I love the fact that I know everybody’s name, or at least I should know everybody’s name.”

As the party settled into the back patio, Showtime’s Matt Blank couldn’t help but brag, “We have the best fucking cast.”