Redstone redux

Mogul feted at Big Brothers Big Sisters Rising Stars Gala

It was Sumner Redstone back to back in Hollywood over the weekend.

On Friday night, Sherry Lansing gave him the Walt Disney Man of the Year Award at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Rising Stars Gala, and entertained the BevHilton crowd with her Paramount stories. Like the time she presented the mogul with a slate of pics. “And Sumner said, ‘No. What about this movie ‘Forrest Gump?’ I learned then that Sumner Redstone was the smartest man in the whole world.”

The honoree took it all in stride. “Sherry, I thought you were talking about somebody else!” he exclaimed.

Also honored was Dana Walden, receiving the Sherry Lansing Award. She was serenaded by Amber Riley, Lea Michele and Darren Criss who sang “Falling Slowly.” Michele admitted, “This is one of our favorite Broadway songs. We like to perform them with the hope that Ryan Murphy will put them on ‘Glee’…so this is just a shameless audition.”

On Saturday afternoon, Redstone was again the honoree at the BevHilton, this time receiving the Humanitarian of the Year award at the Friendly House L.A. Awards Luncheon, which also honored Viola Davis, their Woman of the Year.

“Thank you for feeling that my work has in any way helped you feel less alone,” the thesp said of women helped by Friendly House.

Asking for donations, host Russell Brand implored, “It’s really not that much money so if you can afford it, do give, and if you can’t, get a better job.”