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‘Mad’ arguments

Weiner nabs Media Award at Peace Over Violence kudos

Matthew Weiner took home the Media Award at Friday night’s Peace Over Violence 41st annual Humanitarian Awards.

From the stage of the Beverly Hills Hotel, the creator of “Mad Men” said it was “stunning that the kinds of conversations we have on the show that I thought were going to be quaint and semiotic and hieroglyphic are actually being had today. I can’t even understand the evil behind it. I went to college at a time when feminism was the most intellectual ideal on campus and then lived through post-feminism, which was strange to me, and now to a period where people are arguing what (is) the definition of rape.”

Also honored were “The Invisible War” filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering, for the advocacy of rape victims in the U.S. military.

On Saturday night, Ray Romano, playing host at the International Myeloma Foundation’s sixth annual Comedy Celebration, took the opportunity to talk about his family. “My wife and I have been married for 25 years, we just had our anniversary,” he said from the stage of the Wilshire Ebell. “In this town, that’s like 150 years.”

And then there were his kids. “I have identical (twin) boys. Identical boys are better; you save money on photographs.”

The event, which benefited the Peter Boyle Memorial Fund, kept it in Romano’s TV family with an appearance by Doris Roberts, who remarked on her fave episode from “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

“I like the one where I am not a trophy wife,” she recalled, “and Peter says, ‘What kind of helluva contest did I win?'”