Part Miami hotspot, part grisly crime scene, the Roosevelt Hotel’s Tropicana bar got a serial killer makeover when it played host to Showtime’s “Dexter” season 6 Blu-ray release bash on Tuesday.

Decked out in crime scene tape as crucifixes and candles added to the overall funeral parlor chic, the party offered guests the opportunity to investigate, or become, the evidence in one of Mr. Morgan’s cases, or take turns driving the itty-bitty Slice of Life boats that motored around the barside pool while wearing the party favor of the evening: a pair of blood-drenched sunglasses.

“It’s a neat show. They are my TV family, and we love each other, and I don’t want to separate from them. It’s going to suck when it ends,” said James Remar, who mingled with producers Scott Buck and Manny Coto. “But don’t worry, we have more fun on the way. We ain’t done yet!”