Hustle and muscle

'Expendables 2' preems in the U.K.

There was an abundance of nicknames at Leicester Square’s Empire Cinema. The Italian Stallion, the Governator, the Muscles from Brussels and He-Man all turned out Monday night for the U.K. bow of Lionsgate’s “The Expendables 2.”

Pic’s Jason Statham and Scott Adkins were also in attendance, as were a number of Olympic athletes, including Usain Bolt.

New to the franchise, Jean-Claude Van Damme did the lion’s share of promo, announcing, “I was on DVD a year ago. But because of ‘The Expendables’? Boom! Bigscreen. Thank God, I can see myself on the bigscreen and act, for once.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger remarked, “We were always competing about who has the most defined muscles, who has the best body, who has the least amount of body fat, who has the biggest gun, who kills the most people, who kills in the most unique way.”

Producer Avi Lerner offered his wish list for a prospective third film. “Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford,” he said.

The guests and talent then moved on to the Hippodrome Casino for some serious partying.