Amy Harris’ long history with “Sex & the City” — not to mention time spent on “Gossip Girl” and bigscreen pic “Just My Luck” — makes her a natural fit for the prequel adventures of the CW’s “The Carrie Diaries.”

Captivation with Candace Bushnell’s original newspaper columns came in handy when assisting “S&TC” creator Darren Star. Michael Patrick King had her read freelance scripts.

“He claims he never said this, but when I told him one effort didn’t quite make it, he said, ‘If you think you could do better, you should start writing.’ I realized I had a point of view and I should go for it,” she recalls.

Then and now, she believes, “what’s interesting about Carrie, whether or not you have her wardrobe or shoe closet, is that she’s struggling to figure out what love is and what kind of partner to choose (if at all), in an intense, emotional way. What does it mean for you and your girlfriends to be going through that?”

Harris saw “Diaries” as “a chance to write a very authentic, honest portrait of what Carrie was like in high school,” though the balance between novelty and fidelity would be tricky.

“It’s important that fans see it’s connected to the old Carrie, but then I had to just put that aside,” Harris says.

“Sex & the City” citizens needn’t worry about being forgotten, however.

“I’ve put some ‘Easter eggs’ in for fans of the show to find,” she explains. “Little things, like where her love of clothes comes from, or why she’s the girl who never wears stockings.”

And who knows, high school versions of Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte may just swing by for a quick latte.

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