Friends recall Kirschenbaum’s gifts

“Yes, Dear” co-creator Greg Garcia remembers Alan Kirschenbaum, his close friend and frequent collaborator:

“It’s hard to sum up the guy Alan was in a few words. He was my dear friend and mentor both professionally and personally. For those who didn’t know him they missed out. And those who did know him already know what an amazing writer, person and friend he was. It wasn’t a secret. As a writer you’re constantly second guessing yourself if what you’re writing is good enough. Are people going to be touched by this? Are people going to laugh? Whenever I was in a writer’s room with Alan Kirschenbaum I didn’t have to ask myself that. If he was touched, if he laughed, I knew I had done my job. And it worked both ways. Nothing made Alan happier than seeing that he had created joy in another person by making them laugh. No one lit up a room like Alan and now that light is gone.

“For those of us who are devastated by his sudden passing there’s nothing to do but remember the Alan we loved. Myself, I’ll crank up some Van Morrison as loud as it will go, sit down at my computer, look at Alan’s picture on the wall and do my best to make my mentor proud. Cause if somewhere he’s laughing, I know I’ve done my job.”