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Eclecticism suits writer-director Martin Gero well, judging by his resume, which includes stints writing for Syfy’s “Stargate” franchise, HBO’s “Bored to Death” and the CW’s “The L.A. Complex.”

And then there was his movie effort, 2007’s “Young People Fucking,” which he also directed.

“I’ve been exceptionally lucky not to be boxed in with what I do, and if you throw the movie in, there’s a sex comedy in the middle of all that,” Gero says.

He remembers when he was first represented by William Morris (before the merger with Endeavor), he dreamed aloud about his desire to write for an HBO series.

“We all had a good laugh about that,” he says. “How do you go from ‘Stargate’ to HBO? I’m living proof it can be done.”

The Canadian production team responsible for “Degrassi: The Next Generation” brought him the rough idea for “The L.A. Complex,” which he fleshed out into his own story of young people coming to Los Angeles to try to make it in the entertainment business. The show is set at an L.A. apartment complex, which immediately brings to mind the two iterations of “Melrose Place” that have aired.

“With every choice in the back of your head, you’re thinking, ‘Was that in ‘Melrose Place’?” he says. “We made the poll triangular and we did design aesthetics that were different. But there’s no escaping the comparison and that’s true for every work you do — that’s somewhat like something else. The trick is figuring out how you make the coolest, greatest version that feels like it’s coming from you.”