Guests at HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” season three premiere got a chance to go back in time and celebrate New Year’s Eve 1922.

The lavish afterparty Sept. 5 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York was an homage to the season’s first episode, which screened at the Ziegfeld.

Packed with a jazz band, plenty of “illegal” beverages and enough food to feed a small country the affair included a few futuristic gadgets, including a broadcast of the Giants-Cowboys football game.

The series’ newest member, Bobby Cannavale, said he isn’t worried about possibly being killed off by “Empire” creator and exec producer Terence Winter, who wrote the second-season finale in which Michael Pitt’s character was offed.

“I’ve never really stuck around for a long time on any show, and I kind of like it that way,” Cannavale said. “We’re actors, we’re not teachers looking for tenure. So if they decide to kill me, that’s fine. I just hope it’s a good death scene.”

Winter would make no promises, saying he abides by a rule he and David Chase made while working on “The Sopranos.”

“We made a promise to ourselves that we wouldn’t keep a character alive just because we liked the actor. It’s hard to do a gangster show with those limitations.”