HOLLYWOOD — HBO packed the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood May 30 to mark the premiere of “True Blood’s” fifth season, with the Southern gothic skein of sexy vampires showing no signs of hemorrhaging viewers.

“Season one had a few fun gags … by season five, every page has a few fun gags,” Ball said.

Guests partied at Lure — where digital screens dripped blood — and mingled with the show’s cast.

“I’m so spoiled,” said Ball, who is focusing on the new drama “Banshee” at Cinemax. “I now assume doing a television show means a network will support you and market you. (HBO is) a great place to make TV and be supported.”

When the show launched in 2008, “the world was a very different place,” HBO’s Sue Naegle told the audience. “Fortunately for us, vampires live a very long time.”

This season marks creator Alan Ball’s last as showrunner before Mark Hudis takes the reins.