Gregorian may have greenlit one of the biggest swag items of all time for one lucky fan: a free trip to space. Aside from busily teaming “Extra!” with Comic-Con, Gregorian and the WBTV team worked with XCOR to set up a giveaway for “The Big Bang Theory” that included the trippy space prize. Gregorian also spearheaded the creation of the Paley Center’s “Television: Out of the Box,” a multimedia exhibit focused on the nearly six decades of TV history for WBTV.

What we should know: “In the end, our business is all about the fans and the viewers. Those who know and understand that are very successful.”

Words of wisdom: “I give this advice to everyone: pick your boss, not your job. I’ve had an incredible career, which in part I owe to fantastic mentors I’ve had along the way.”

Smartphone habits: “I’m about to take a trip around the world at the end of February — it’s the first time I’m taking a month off work. There’s going to be a number of places where my BlackBerry doesn’t work, and that’s OK!”

Life-work balance: “For many years I was a room parent (at school), I was very actively involved. As long as everything was organized in my Outlook appointment section, it was easy. I do have an iPhone in addition to my BlackBerry. Having the iPhone was a visual cue for my son, Rouben — for him, it meant OK, Mommy isn’t going to work right now. I still to this day keep them separate.”

Charitable passion: “I sponsor a women’s leadership program in Ghana called Leading Ladies Network. I wanted to support it because it can make a direct impact in people’s lives, and the long-term goal is having a woman as the head of Ghana.