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Doing his first show in the wake of Sandy to an empty studio, Jimmy Fallon realized that being a latenight host is not just about entertainment.

“It’s also about saying, ‘Hey, we are there for you.’?You have a commitment and a job that is bigger than you think it is,” he says.

After three years on air, “Late Night” remains the No. 1 talkshow in its 12:35 a.m. slot, and this year, Fallon kicked it past the goal post with his first set of live shows following the Super Bowl in Indianapolis and the much downloaded “Slow Jam the News With President Barack Obama.”

“That really put us on the map as a show,” Fallon says. “We have finally found our voice, and it’s absurd comedy.”

Fallon also returned to his old haunts hosting “SNL” for the first time, picking up a guest actor Emmy for the appearance.

In addition to releasing a bestselling book, “Thank You Notes 2,” and hit comedy album, “Blow Your Pants Off” (featuring collaborations with Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake and Paul McCartney), Fallon can also now add series producer to his growing list of credits. He is creator and exec producer on NBC’s “Guys With Kids,” while his production company, Holiday Road, recently sold two comedy projects to NBC: “Slammed,” centered on the world of wrestling, and “Hipsters,” set in Brooklyn.