Dani Zapotoczny, UNF strategic advisor to the UN Creative Community Outreach Initiative

Women's Impact Report 2012: Executives

Zapotoczny has a history of connecting Hollywood to philanthropy, such as when she founded and served as the exec director for Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity. A former producer and VP of Wheelhouse Entertainment, Zapotczny heads UN’s Creative Community Outreach Initiative, bridging the UN with showbiz.

What we should know : “Not everyone sees the full picture of the United Nations and the depth of humanitarian work that is done every day to keep people around the world healthy and safe. And, for my particular niche, they don’t necessarily realize how much impact the megaphone of the entertainment industry can have on global issues or how many people within this industry have made deep commitments to support the work of the UN. And we are looking to engage with everyone from showrunners and actors to musicians and producers.”

Life-work balance: “I don’t try to achieve ‘balance’ within a single day as I would constantly be beating myself up for shortchanging something. Instead, I look at my life as a whole and I make sure that my husband as much as my kids know that they are my No. 1 priority always — even when I am working. I also am fortunate to get to do work that I believe really impacts the world so I share my work with my kids whenever possible so they understand and value what I am doing when I can’t be with them.”

Charitable passions: “I work for one of my favorites — the UN Foundation — and truly keep all of our campaigns close to my heart: Girl Up, Nothing but Nets and Shot @ Life. On the domestic front, I have been a lifelong supporter of Habitat for Humanity and our national parks.”