“We are fans first,” announced “Community” exec producer David Guarascio to the Ballroom 20 attendees. “From that standpoint, we just want the show to stay as it is. And unlike other shows, what fans want will be seen onscreen. You guys are like a beacon.”

The plotlines surrounding “Community” over the last few months have made for an interesting drama of their own. The public battles between star Chevy Chase and series creator Dan Harmon, the sudden departure of Harmon, the placement of new showrunners Moses Port and Guarascio, and the will-they-won’t-they questions about the renewal has put the NBC sitcom is a state of flux for the better part of the year.

The writers, stars and producers of the show wanted to set the minds of fans at ease. At the Friday morning Comic-Con panel, they made one thing clear: the fans were important. Whatever may happen over the next year, the new showrunners will always put fans first.

“We promise not to screw it up,” said Port. “The only thing we care about is keeping it this weird, wonderful gem the way it is.”

“You are the reason we are sitting here and that we are comming back for a fourth season,” said star Gillian Jacobs. “You are amazing. Thank you for the fan art, the videos, the flash mobs…thank you. We might not win Emmys or get noms, but we win every fan poll.”

“Your campaigns, your flash mobs and your blood sacrifices made season three possible,” said Guarascio. “Thank you so much. So, if we get canceled, I blame you.”

The panel also included hints of what’s in store for season four, including a visit to Pierce Hawthorne’s mansion, a trip to an Inspector Spacetime convention and finally meeting Jeff’s father.

“We are going to meet Jeff’s father. And that actor is…Eddie Murphy. Pluto Nash himself,” joked Joel McHale, who plays Jeff.

Season four of “Community” preems Oct. 19 on the show’s new night, Friday.