Lewis Black has been unleashing comic harangues on the frustrating stupidity of modern Americans since his discovery by Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” more than 15 years ago. Yet he showed no signs of slowing down — or calming down — in 2012 as he performed 91 live shows on tour, in addition to premiering his new special, “In God We Rust,” on Epix and Comedy Central. Black also enjoyed a sold-out run of his Broadway show, “Running on Empty,” at the Richard Rogers Theater.

Speaking by phone from a hotel room in Atlanta the day before the election, Black was in rare form, declaring that no matter if Obama or Romney won, he’d still be as angry as ever: “It never ceases surprising me, because I’ve realized that no matter what seems to occur … stupidity always seems to be the big winner in this country,” says Black. “When you think someone can’t get stupider, someone comes along and raises you three. You hear a guy say ‘forcible rape,’ and I think that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. The next (Republican candidate) says ‘legitimate rape,’ and the next one says God intended it. That’s a trifecta!”