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Montana, Dattner, Innovative

Montana Artists has signed 1st AD Dan “Laz” Lazarovits (“The Frozen Ground”), production designer Alan Bainee (“Intruders”), d.p. Cameron Duncan (“Southland”) and costume designer Kim Wilcox (“Nobody Walks”).

Montana booked producers Grace Gilroy on CW’s “First Cut” and Paul Marks on an untitled Jeff Eastin project for USA; exec producer Tim Coddington on an R&D period for Disney’s “Matterhorn”; co-producers Debbie Cass on John Putch’s “Atlas Shrugged Part Two” and Darren Demetre on Sofia Coppola’s “The Bling Ring”; and UPM’s Cecilia Kate Roque, on CBS’ “Golden Boy,” Michele Greco on NBC’s “Chicago Fire” and Buddy Enright on Mikael Hafstrom’s “The Tomb.”

Montana booked d.p.’s Feliks Parnell on NBC’s “County,” Jerzy Zielinski on CBS’ “Entry Level,” Attila Szalay, on CW’s “The Selection,” Jamie Barber on USA’s “Covert Affairs,” Barry Donlevy on Syfy’s “Haven,” John Rutland on Eduardo Sanchez’s “Exists” and Lloyd Ahern on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva.” Agency booked 1st AD’s ABC’s “Gilded Lillys,” Louis Guerra on CBS’ “Elementary” and Phil Patterson on NBC’s “The Frontier.”

Montana booked production designers John D. Kretschmer on NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” Christopher Nowak on ABC’s “666 Park Ave,” Jeff Knipp on ABC’s “Nashville,” Gae Buckley on NBC’s “Go On,” Brent Thomas on CW’s “Cult,” Sandy Cochrane on Nickelodeon’s “Fairly Oddparents 2” and Ricky Eyres on Kazuaki Kiriya’s “The Last Knight.”

Montana booked costume designers Christie Wittenborn on NBC’s “Beautiful People,” Kelli Jones on Fox’s untitled Kevin Williamson project and Betsy Heimann on Fox’s untitled Karyn Usher project. Agency booked editors Alan Cody on ABC’s “Beauty and the Beast,” Michelle Tesoro, on HBO’s “Luck,” Jonathan Schwartz on Showtime’s “The Big C” and Vikash Patel on A&E’s “Longmire.”

* * *

Dattner Dispoto signed commercials and music video stylist Brigitte Pavich Echols, costume designer Jill K. Lucas (“Raising the Bar”) and d.p.’s Rachel Morrison (“Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie”) and Michael Wale (“Smallville”).

Dattner Dispoto film bookings: production designer Cecil Gentry on Susan Seidelman’s “The Hot Flashes,” costume designer Mary Claire Hannan on Diablo Cody’s “Lamb Of God,” d.p. Rodney Taylor on Deon Taylor’s “Supremacy,” line producer Patty Long on Ed Gass-Donnelly’s “The Last Exorcism 2” and d.p. Bobby Bukowski on Ariel Vromen’s “The Iceman.”

Dattner Dispoto TV bookings: costume designer Nadine Haders on TNT’s “Leverage”; and d.p.’s John Lindley on NBC pilot “The Frontier,” Robert Gantz on CW pilot “Cult” and USA’s “White Collar,” Xavier Grobet on HBO’s “Enlightened,” Flavio Labiano on CBS pilot “Quean” and Jo Willems on ABC pilot “Gotham.”

* * *

Innovative artists signed editor Rick Shaine (“Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of Dawn Treader”), art director John Collins (“The Hunger Games”), costume designer Kimberly Tillman (“Battleship”) and d.p.’s Tobias Datum (“Smashed”) and John Inwood “Parks and Recreation”).

Innovative booked line producers Kate Dean on Brad Copeland’s “Coffee Town,” David Grace on Lake Bell’s “In a World,” Tim Iacofano on ABC pilot “Penoza,” Gideon Amir on Sony pilot “Frontier” and Ron Mcleod on UPM pilot “Quean.” Agency booked d.p.’s Tim Suhrstedt on Diablo Cody’s next feature, Doug Chamberlain on Kat Coiro’s “A Case Of You,” David Hennings on Dylan Kidd’s “Get a Job,” Checco Varese as 2nd unit d.p. on Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim,” Eric Edwards on an untitled Hilary Winston pilot for Sony; Theo Van de Sande on CBS pilot “Beauty and the Beast,” Darren Genet on CBS pilot “Applebaum,” Levie Isaacks on ABC pilot “American Judy” and John Thomas on Showtime’s “The Big C.”

Innovative booked production designers Barry Chusid on Mikeal Hafstrom’s “The Tomb,” Zack Grobler on Warner Bros. pilot “Revolution,” Corey Kaplan on Warner Bros. pilot “Shelter,” Victoria Paul on Sony pilot “Save Me,” Stefania Cella” on Fox pilot “The Asset,” Stephen Lineweaver on “Applebaum,” Stuart Blatt on NBC Uni pilot “County,” Nick Lundy on Warner Bros. pilot “Guilty,” Tony Medina on Lifetime movie “Blue Lagoon” and Ray Kluga on USA’s “Royal Pains.”

Innovative booked editors Matt Ramsey on ABC pilot “Gilded Lilly’s,” Matt Barber on Warner Bros. pilot “Cult,” Tim Alverson on Walter Hill’s “Bullet to the Head,” Annette Davey on Brad Copeland’s “Coffee Town,” Cara Silverman on Fox pilot “Susan 313,” Michael Knue on David Hackl’s “Red Machine,” Dorian Harris and John Valerio on HBO’s “Enlightened” and Michael Ruscio on HBO’s “True Blood.” Agency also booked costume designers George Little on Kathryn Bigelow untitled feature, Alysia Raycraft on NBC Uni pilot “Mindy Kaling,” Molly Maginnis on HBO feature “Muhammed Ali’s Greatest Fight,” Rachel Sage Kunin on Warner Horizon’s “Longmire,” Sanja Hays on Justin Lin’s “Fast and Furious 6,” Victoria Auth on an untitled Berman/Wright/Dinner pilot for Sony, Kim Tillman on Sony pilot “Save Me,” Monique Prudomme on Thor Freudenthal’s “Percy Jackson 2,” Kathryn Morrison on Sony pilot “Last Resort” and Tish Monaghan on Warner Bros. pilot “Arrow.” Innovative also booked stunt coordinator Markos Rounthwaite on Shane Black’s “Iron Man 3.”

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