Variety: John Lennon said that he and Paul learned how to write songs by listening to Goffin-King.

Goffin: Perhaps they were influenced by us in the early songs but after that they were great songwriters by virtue of their own talent.

Variety: Was ever a greater thrill than hearing Aretha sing “Natural Woman.”

Goffin: The Drifters doing “Up on the Roof.”

Variety: Who were you and Carole most competitive with?

Goffin: Mann-Weil were our biggest competitors but they were also our closest friends.

Variety: What song tells us the most about Carole King and which tells us most about Gerry Goffin?

Goffin: It would be hard to choose one song to describe Carole but if I had to, it would be her song “Beautiful.” The song that probably tells the most about me would be “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.”

Variety: “Goin’ Back;” words first or music first?

Goffin: It really all happened at the same time.

Variety: Best underappreciated song by Goffin-King?

Goffin: “Don’t You Ever Change.”

Variety: Best Goffin-King song “made to order” for Aldon?

Goffin: “Not by its sales but in terms of the composition it would be “Just Once in My Life.”

Variety: Who did you and Carole most enjoy working with?

Goffin: The Everly Brothers.

– Gerry Goffin as told to Steven Gaydos.

Carole King: A natural hitmaker