Over the years Vince Gill has maintained a steady if somewhat low-key relationship with Hollywood, and his songs have been featured in a dozen movies both predictable (the rodeo-themed “8 Seconds” and “Maverick,” in which he also appeared in cameos) and out-of-the-box (“Borat” and “Indecent Proposal”).

“I’ve been on tons of compilation soundtracks with other artists, and done a few in-title songs, like ‘Better Man’ for Kevin Costner’s ‘For the Love of the Game,’ ” says Gill who also contributed songs to Costner’s “Tin Cup” and such titles as “The Ghosts of Mississippi” and “Broken Bridges” (starring fellow country star Toby Keith).

But while Gill is a “huge” movie fan, especially of what he considers “old comedies” like “Arthur” and “Caddyshack”), he says he’s “never had any big desire to be in movies or to be part of that whole world, and to be honest, I don’t even know exactly which films have used my songs. I just don’t keep up on it.”

Gill says he has had an equally laissez-faire attitude toward scoring films and doing soundtracks. “People have asked me if I’d be interested in doing scores, although when I think of that I always picture composers who can write big orchestral scores, and I certainly can’t do that,” he states. “I just write songs, so I always turned them down.”

But times may be changing for Gill. “I always said ‘Never’ about doing a score, but I’m a lot more open to the idea now,” he says. “And writing country songs is probably good training, as they tell stories about people’s lives, like good movies do.”

Walk of Fame Honor: Vince Gill
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