Echo Nest to integrate with Spotify

Music data platform to be open to app developers

Music intelligence platform the Echo Nest will integrate its API with Spotify’s, enabling app developers to use the company’s web of musical data within the streaming service, the company announced on Thursday.

Spotify and the Echo Nest have been working in tandem since December, when the streaming service adopted Echo Nest’s song recommendation and playlisting capacities to power its radio function. By integrating Spotify IDs into its Rosetta Stone database, the company hopes to allow outside developers to delve even deeper into the site’s resources.

“It’s a disruptive opportunity,” said Echo Nest CEO Jim Lucchese, “unlocking the potential of the creative groups who build apps to use Spotify’s wealth of music.”

Lucchese points out that the potential applications of the API integration extend beyond song recommendation, making it easier to create apps that display lyrics or incorporate Facebook and Twitter activity.

Since opening up its service to developers in November, Spotify has unveiled 27 apps on its service, with 12 added last week. The Echo Nest has recently forged partnerships with companies ranging from Twitter to EMI and Rdio.